Within you...

...there is a power to shape your life.

When you learn to harness it, no one can can hold you back (especially not YOU).  It’s time to awaken to your inner confidence. 

Start NOW and here is my promise:

... 31 days from now, you'll know how to stop freezing in fear and start moving forward in confidence.

...31 days from now, you will have learned how to fight the war within.

...31 days from now, you will have learned the skillset to make the changes you've always wanted to make.

...31 days from now, you will have realized that every last one of your failed attempts all make sense (and they were not your fault).

And all because...

...31 days from now, you will finally get who you are, how you operate, and how to change whatever you have always wanted to change about yourself. 

That might sound a little too good to be true — but what if it isn't? 

Yes, this might sound like a tall order. Or even an impossible-for-you order. But what if—31 days from now—you could be genuinely smiling at your own reflection, whispering "Hello, old friend!" to the bright eyes looking back in the mirror?

What if you could finally see the Inner Warrior within you?

And what if that made it easier to love yourself? And your life?

What if you are, in fact, very much like the 15,000+ others who didn't think it would work for them? 

And what if, like them, you took a small chance anyway?



If we projected your soul into the sky, your unique genius would shine as bright as the most ancient of stars. But back here on Planet Earth? It can be VERY tough going. As you might expect, there’s a catch to your shine actually breaking through.


To make real progress, you need to first tame the beast, then direct the beauty. Simply stated, once you train your Inner Warrior, you’ll be able to do that.


In case you think this only works for other people...

I've watched this shift happen again and again...and again. Self-proclaimed "ordinary people" who are not even sure they would or could show up...actually did. 

Again and again, they have contacted me to say they can't believe they started, let alone finished. (By the way, if you want to see a few of the hundreds of quotes I've gotten, click here, then come back. I'll wait.)  

I promise you won’t be exempt from these powerful results, you’ll be reveling in them.

You see, we both know that deep inside, there's a person you've always wanted to be—always knew you could be—if only you could figure out HOW. 

HOW to get there. 

HOW to make the shift permanent—even compounding. 

In short, HOW to finally reap the rewards that should go with the effort. 

I'm here to help you make that HOW happen.

TRUTH: Your Dreams Deserve Their Moment In The Sun

That's why you have them.

Just as important, you deserve to sort out your inner life to find contentment and peace.

However, if you don’t do something different, you won’t get and continue with something different.

Even worse, the world will suffer for it, because you are HERE for a reason and only YOU can fulfill it.

You know that, right? 

Isn't it time to rise and meet your gifts wholeheartedly?

Facing forward.

Life reclaimed.

Full on—finally. 

"This may be one of the best investments you ever make."

"I have studied with many teachers over several decades, but none have the precision of Robin Rice. What Robin does, which is unique, is she helps you identify with extraordinary precision what is stopping you from fulfilling your greatest ambitions. ‬And that is worth far more than the cost of the course. This may be one of the best investments you ever make."

- Paul C., Boston, MA

Does it work for others?
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And then I kept on doing it. (Trust me, no one was more surprised than I was at the true breakthrough that happened and then kept on happening.)

Another true story: Just over 22 years ago, I had a profound awakening experience that changed absolutely everything.

Me. My life. My relationships. My "self" esteem. All of it.

All the rules of the "game of life" seemed to change at once, and I could clearly see HOW to move forward. Finally—because it was no pretty picture up to this point. 

The night of my awakening, I had no idea what was going to be revealed to me, let alone how deep and far I'd travel.

How much things would change as a result.

But two decades plus into the journey, I can honestly say there's not been one day—from that one until now—that I haven't worked to fine-tune my own methods of awakening. And I've seen the results.

Best of all, I've kept notes so that I can pass it all on to others like YOU. 

Through this process, I've forged an incredible Inner Warrior that works for me, instead of against me. With the help of my Inner Warrior (and a powerful passion for brain science), ever since my awakening I’ve been consistently showing up to create good in the world. I've published 8 books, had more than 15,000 people take one of my online courses, created a nightly podcast that I actually show up to night after night, and launched 7 social change projects that have traveled the globe. I'm also a mentor to international leaders working in politics, entertainment, business, journalism—you name it.

These major players TRUST me with their lives and their work. 

There's only one reason: I GET RESULTS.  


It’s not about fighting the world—it’s about fighting the war within.

That’s the war that’s killing your dreams.

That’s the war that is holding you back.

That's the war that gives voice to words you would never, ever say to a friend.

That’s the war a wise guide like your Inner Warrior knows how to interrupt, then put a STOP to.

***Oh, hey, if a "war within" doesn't feel like terminology you love, just know this:

Your Inner Warrior is not a fighter. Your Inner Warrior is a strong wisdom figure. And our time together is about natural changes that feel good and lift you up, not forceful shoves that push you down. I want to be clear on that.  



So no, this isn't about psyching yourself up to do things you hate or fixing a lack of willpower. And it's not the typical ra-ra you always hear (I promise).

Most of all, this is not about heaping on the self-abuse because you said you were going to do one thing...but then did another (again).


The next 31 days are about finding your true inner strength for lasting transformation with my proven (and tested) step-by-step process. 

Remember, it's about HOW, and I'm going to be there with you every step of the way. 

"The nuts & bolts, the kryptonite remover, the superhero secret to finally taking the steps necessary."

"Who needs Training Your Inner Warrior? All who are ready to make a change. The incredible impetus for this program is the substantive, no fluff, pedal to the metal, this is where the rubber meets the road TRANSFORMATION. The nuts & bolts, the kryptonite remover, the superhero secret to finally taking the steps necessary."

- Brenda L., Mountain View, CA



...a woman stood eye-to-eye with me—so close I could see the freckles on her cheeks—and asked me point blank how I did it.

How I got so much sh*t done.

How I made progress, day in and day out. Real progress on the things that mattered most.

Books. Courses. Social change projects. A solid business in the real world.

And not only for myself, but how I found the time and energy to help others, too.

This course was—and still IS—my answer.

"Game changer—YES! 
Life changing—YES!

"The result of the daily lessons and the practical, simple tools changed how I live my life. Tools that I will use for the rest of my life. On day one I felt like a tightly closed bud seeking and asking what is needed to feel and experience my fullest self… today I am and will be forever grateful. Game changer—YES! Life changing—YES! And PRICELESS! The world will hear a clear shout out from me for Training Your Inner Warrior!"

- Anna T., Annapolis, MD


* All your materials will be delivered HERE in one central online hub to keep everything simplified (and you sane). Set your own schedule for reading—day or night.

* Your 31 days of FUN, engaging, and "psychoactive" coursework (spend 30 minutes or less a day, with a few break days built in) will come with a small bit of easy homework—sleep on the ideas presented each night to feel the magic happening!

Important Note: If you don't think you have a half hour a day, please, either don't take the course (I don't want to be part of another failure for you) or make the time for this ONE month of your life. After all, nothing changes if nothing changes.

"...more work gets done and my energy is higher."

"Robin's Inner Warrior program transformed many areas of my life and how I work. I used to spend a lot of energy thinking about what decisions to make and putting them off, which took even more energy. Now I make them more quickly, meaning more work gets done and my energy is higher."

- Daniel J., Luzern, Switzerland


  • Powerful insights into why you do what you do so you can (finally!) make the changes that matter most and go the furthest in your boots-on-the-ground, everyday life.
  • Real-world tools to develop lasting inner confidence. This isn’t surface gloss with a coat of wouldn't-it-be-nice. It’s the real deal. It is grounded and everything is logic based, so your rational mind won't fight you. (Hint, this is VERY important.) 
  • A solid process for ending your inner battles. Instead of going round and round with self-disappointment, you’ll build a pillar of confidence you can always lean on for support.
  • The peace of mind and fullness of heart that comes with knowing you’re walking your talk and showing up in this world as your true self. Not as the person you've been the last 10 (or 40) years. Not the person your mother or your friend or your boss want you to be. Just YOU.
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"...The daily small successes have rewritten the story that I don't finish anything.."

"Robin, celebrate with me! It's now one year after finishing Training Your Inner Warrior and I'm celebrating 365 days of staying on my Keto diet - that's what I chose to work on in class! I have not been 100% perfect, but I've stayed with it, and I never knew how to stay with anything before. The daily small successes have rewritten the story that I don't finish anything. You are giving such a precious gift to this world, Robin."

- Jessica K., New England


True story—one day a guy from class was sitting on a plane waiting for his lesson before takeoff. The flight attendant was insisting that he turn off his phone, and he told me he had to keep giving her the stink-eye so she would leave him alone. There was no way he wasn't getting his lesson open before his flight took off!

Why was he so glued? Because I took the challenge to write and design this course in such a way that you would feel like you just could not wait to get to your next lesson. I know that's what it takes to write a page-turning book! So I asked myself: Why not make that the same criteria for a course? Why not make it a page-turner so people will actually and happily start what they finish?

More truth: Over 15,000 people have signed up for this course—and the 31-day FINISH rate is astronomical compared to most other online courses. So I guess it worked! 

Won't it feel wonderful to finish what you start? I know that alone will be a game changer for many!


Change anything you haven’t been able to accomplish (so far) by getting to know HOW you think, HOW you feel, and HOW you act—all with step-by-step instructions.


Students have found profound, LASTING results—even years after the course officially ended. When you use a process this clear, this powerful, and this purposeful, it sticks.


Take one teeny, tiny change and turn it into an actionable map that helps create ANY shift going forward. Consider this your go-to guide on the path to self-change.

" AMAZING way to learn."

"Robin, I have taken many courses over the years, but never learned how to take them. This experience is so much more... 'enriching' is the word that comes to mind. It is an amazing way to learn. The way it is speaking to me on so many levels, just astounds me, really."
- Joan R., Berlin, Germany


I've lived the path.

I've walked the way.

I have proven it works.

I'm here to show you HOW...


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