Deeper. Further. Truer.

This work is for yourself.

But even more, for the world.



For a soul-friend who believes in you?

For a teacher who will meet you with respect and compassion?

For a fellow traveler who will put your feet to the fire in the same way she does her own?

For a guide who knows the key signposts on the journey because she has LIVED them?



We tend to think of seekers as seeking something "out there." Something other. Something far away. But those who seek in this way never reach their summit.

One day they will realize that what they are truly seeking is inside.

That they are after their own refinement. Their own truth showing up in ways that work on all levels of life.

Once the really get it, SOLID steps that matter are finally taken. The inner world begins to make sense and the outer world begins to reflect significant progress.

Let me tell you a secret—this is exactly what every MASTER has found, no matter where they come from or what path they have followed. 

"It wasn't more of the same like I was expecting."

“This a whopper in my life… but this next level was different. It wasn't more of the same like I was expecting. It has helped me step out of my own way with respect, reverence, patience, kindness towards myself, assurance, and confidence (confidence being a major part of my essence-based change). I won't deny that this course has effectively kicked my ass, and yet at the same time it is what I have been looking for.”

-  Jenna, Jerome, AZ


In Training Your Inner Warrior, you learned how to make one small, concrete change as a template for any change you want to make. You learned that you really are a genius and how you can get your Genius DEMON Ally to become your Genius Demon ALLY

Good on YOU! 

Now, you can go further. We have 31 more days that you can take as fast or as slow as you like.

More tools. More depth. More results.  


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"The content and teachings are deep and rich."

“Mastering Your Inner Warrior has given myself and my wife a common language and practice. Robin's home video setting and style reveals the authenticity and beauty of her artful life. The content and teachings are deep and rich."

- Andrew F., London, UK


When your hunger feels as if it is literally leading you toward further mastery, you are ready to learn how to make an essence-based change. 

In these 31 days, I share directly from the well of my own deeper processes—the hard-earned ones that only came with true grit.

In fact, I made myself become a "SHU" level student myself in another teacher's course while I was creating this one—just to be sure I was walking my talk and showing up in the same way I'll ask you to. (I'll share from those experiences so you get a double benefit!)

These are the most effective techniques that I also use with my top-top-top level mentoring clients. I’ll be honest, they pay me quite a lot for my in-depth mentoring. Now, you can get the best of what I offer to them for less than 2% of what I charge them for six months of working together. (Go ahead, do the math.)

My point is that this is the good stuff. 

Hearts open. Life widens. Truth deepens.

Real, lasting progress is made.

NOTE: Place your order now (a great deal if you have a discount code), but be sure to finish Training Your Inner Warrior first, as it is a prerequisite—this course won't make sense without it. 


Prominent Leadership Coach Lolly Daskal understands what it takes to get to MASTERY:

“Most of us say, ‘How do I need to do something? I want to become something; tell me how to do it and then I will...make it happen.’ ...that’s not the most important question. The most important question is ‘who.’ Who are you going to be? Who do you need to be to take yourself to the next level...?”



"...this class has reconciled me with myself, my desire to create meaningful things and be of service."

"Mastering Your Inner Warrior has been a life changer for me. It has unlocked something in me and has allowed me to find congruence between what I know of me, my capacities, and what I have had to show for it to my own eyes. I have no more doubts about my ability to follow through.... In some way this class has reconciled me with myself, my desire to create meaningful things and be of service.”

- Marjory A., Nice, France

I’m walking my talk...

Imperfectly, of course, but with an eye on impeccability. In this light, I’ll share honestly, generously, authentically, even nakedly (no, really, but you’ll have to join us to see what THAT is about).

Together we will talk about ARRANGING YOUR LIFE so that it is lived to meet your own personal, highest potential... because arranging your life for mastery is itself a sign of mastery.

  • How can you be the KIND OF PERSON who doesn’t procrastinate?
  • How can you be the KIND OF PERSON who exercises day in and day out?
  • How can you be the KIND OF PERSON who shows up on time, every time?
  • How can you be the KIND OF PERSON...? (Fill in the blank with YOUR desired results.)

For this level of change, you need an IDENTITY shift of a higher order. That is what Mastering Your Inner Warrior is all about.

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"Wow. Waaaaaaaaaay better than I anticipated and hoped it would be."

“Over-delivery doesn't begin to describe it. Wow. Waaaaaaaaaay better than I anticipated and hoped it would be. I marvel at how you've put this all together. It was wonderful to see your sweet and exhilarated energy throughout. I'm increasingly present and connected to the material. Thank you.”

- Susan B., Chicago, IL


To make real progress, you’ve got to tap into all of your truths—the ones that show up in your head, heart, and gut. We'll need your whole body, your whole truth, your whole SELF.

We will use the same 31-day format, but this time, I’ll be on video—looking deep into your eyes—helping you MASTER your greatest challenges and make the kinds of shifts only a MASTER can make.

So IF...

  • You're at a loss for where to go to get the advanced-level work that you have been craving...
  • You want deep work that is still very doable, very applicable, very YOU…
  • You're ready for powerful psychoactive shifts that lift your IDENTITY to new places…
  • You want a stronger foundation in the essentials of self-change…
  • You need a clearer picture of the journey so that you can move into it with confidence…
  • You're ready for mastery and have been looking for a mentor who will show you the ropes, but never ask you to be just like her...
  • You're ready to fully trust yourself and your life…
  • You MUST walk your talk but can’t scratch the itch that is out of your reach…
  • You're willing to do what needs to be done—if you ONLY KNEW what to do next…
  • You want to become THE KIND OF PERSON WHO has courage, finishes what she starts, is comfortable speaking in public, is writing on a regular basis, is (insert your most desired and most required shift here)...

...then you're ready to

Master Your Inner Warrior

"...delivers like an in-person experience."

“Mastering Your Inner Warrior is truly a work of brilliance! It’s more than words on a screen and Robin behind a camera. It delivers like an in-person experience. This course has delivered in more ways that I could have imagined. I love connecting with Robin through video and felt her holding each of us from Day 1. I am able to see my patterns, identities, and Genius Demon Ally tactics much more clearly. This second level also helps cement the role of the Inner Warrior and the ongoing potential for cultivating this connection to my inner power."
- Lou S., Augusta, Georgia


(Hint: Participants like YOU asked for it!)

I'll admit, I thought Training Your Inner Warrior was all I would ever create on the topic of how I get so much done with ease and joy. What I didn't expect was that it was not all others would want.

For three years, graduates would eagerly ask, "What's next?" Finally, I ended up teaching what those first participants came to call "Inner Warrior x 2,000." In fact, those participants are the ones who named this "Mastering Your Inner Warrior!

Turns out, I had a lot more I could share. 



* You'll need to take Training Your Inner Warrior first (so we're speaking the same language).

* You decide which day is Day One—buy now (use your limited time discount code if you have one!). You can start whenever you're ready. 

* All your materials will again be delivered right HERE on this platform.

* Each day we have a video lesson of about 10-15 minutes (with break days built in, you should be going for the 31 days in a row. Once again you will want to be sure to sleep on the ideas presented in each lesson to feel the magic happening!

* This time, you'll go at your own pace. If 31 days in a row works for you, great. If not, take 31 weeks. The material will be here for you. 

* I've added a cheat sheet on Day 31 with all our topics to make it easy to look back and find exactly what you are looking for within each video. 

"...I have met and given form to powerful parts of myself that I didn't know existed."

“On nearly every day of this course, I sat down with my piping hot coffee and deliciously opened the day's lesson. I turned 50 this year and it became clear it was time for me to step into the role of Sherpa, Teacher, and Public Change Agent/Artist. But also that it was also good to be a student when I found teachers (like Robin) giving from the Master Level. I have laughed out loud, had many Ah-Ha Awakening Moments and I have met and given form to powerful parts of myself that I didn't know existed.”

- Shannon R., Dayton, Ohio

Once Again, We Stand At The Crossroads

I'm ready to mentor you into the very best you can be.

Will you continue on this powerful path of mastery?



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