It's Time to Feel True Confidence, See a Clear Vision, and Embrace the Most Authentic YOU... Ever!

The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want. Don't go back to sleep!

― Rumi

Dear Awakening Soul,

This coming year can be the year you finally break free from fear, outworn limitations, and stagnation, so you can live your highest calling.

Let me ask you...

  • Have you been feeling—deep, deep in your bones—that you are on the edge of something REALLY BIG, but you aren't sure what it is or how to open that door?

  • Are you more and more sure that the world is waiting for you to step on to your highest and best path and actually make progress?

  • Have you felt stuck in an endless loop of the same repeating emotions—even if the intensity of them is less than before?

  • Do you find yourself restless, jumping from one thing to another, hoping to finally find what your True Self is looking for?

  • Do you see the obstacles in your way to becoming the confident, soul-led person you know you can be—yet you can't quite clear them on your own?

  • Have you read all the self-help and "spirituality" books available to you and found yourself ready for the next level... not in some cookie cutter way, but in a way that can be customized to you and your unique style and interests?

  • Have you experienced the challenges of awakening, such as leaving one “life” behind and starting off into another... but not the promised clarity or confidence that comes with time and practice?

  • Have you felt those fleeting moments of a perfect, altered reality... but found yourself unable to hold onto that feeling or predictably recreate the peace and joy that comes with them?

If so, then you are very likely in the right place. 

In fact, I believe that you're here on this page—right now—for a reason.

My guess is you believe that too.

You might even live by that truth, as I do.

I promise that in the next few minutes here, you'll understand more of why you're awakening right now and why I have created a program that will show you how you can move past your plateaus and into a place of clarity, confidence, and congruence with your life. 

How Awakening is Like a 1,350-Acre Dude Ranch

On November 15, 1997... about 3 in the afternoon, I had the most profound experience of my entire life. It felt as if a funnel opened above my head, and greater "me" was awakened from the deep sleep of everyday life. Crazy as it sounded to me and others, this one instant would change the course of my life profoundly... and permanently. I was never the same after this moment. 

But how was I to explain it? 

Here's one way: Say you're looking for freedom. A wilder life. Something more. (Oddly enough, not everyone is. But let's say that you are.)

You spot an ad. "1,350-Acre Dude Ranch for Sale." It's impossible, and you know it. The time. The money. The whole new life. 

Even so, the idea just won't go away. 

It's like the ad has a neon sign flashing at you, making you dream, and just when you thought you were done with impossible dreams!

Then suddenly, you are there, right there on the ranch, no longer dreaming. 

You stand there in your Stetson hat, looking out over those wide open spaces. A few hundred nicely grazing cattle dot the landscape. A dozen horses, all healthy, strong, and well-trained, look up to notice you, then go back to life on the ranch.

You have that bow-legged walk, the kind of swagger that becomes a part of ranch living. You taste the residue of dust in your mouth and laugh. It's so damn amazing here, you’d swear that even the dust tastes good. 

It dawns on you that you're free. You're home. You're good. Really, really good.

And then just as suddenly... you're not. 

Then you're back in your lousy, underwater mortgaged house trying to figure out how to take the kids to the dentist before or after school and maybe get a moment in edgewise to focus on your personal growth.

You're not free, you're you. Again.

That's pretty much what it was like the day I had my first full-blown awakening experience. I can't tell you how long the strike-of-lightning moment lasted, because it seemed to have happened outside of space and time. I suspect it was only a split second but it could have been three or four.

You'd think that the flicker of the candle wouldn't even be remembered 20 years later. But here I am still thinking about it. Still talking about it. Still letting it blow through me like a wind that clears everything.

That moment—whatever it was—changed everything in my life, including the trajectory that brought me to these words in this moment, with you reading this right now. 

As you might imagine, I didn't see a "dude ranch" at the moment of my awakening. It's just that I can explain a fictional dude ranch better than I can explain what I actually saw and felt.

Most of us have a reasonably reliable picture of a 1,350-acre dude ranch, even if we've never visited one. Yet most of us have no inner picture of the “landscape” of awakening, which is probably why I haven't even written about it much until now, 20 years after my own experience.

Before that day, I had never even heard of "awakening."

It was unexpected and shocking. Yet my first thought was, "Took you long enough! I can't believe you let me sleep for 35 years!" (Never mind that I had no idea who the “you” I was talking to was, let alone who the “me” that was left sleeping was.) 

And while that awakening transformed me into something, or someone, more than I had been, this enhanced perspective also risked blowing up my whole life. How did this new perspective fit into my life, my relationships, my past experiences? And what did it mean for the future? 

One part of me was perfectly comfortable with the changes to come (the newly awakened part), and another was freaking... the... hell... out... (my old "self"). 

Even more daunting: Who was the awakened Robin, and why were all her brain synapses still set to fire to the old Robin’s problems and triggers? Even more, what was I meant to do about it?

Since that day, I have worked to deepen my awareness and inner congruency using profound inner practices. I have poured over ancient texts from a wide range of disciplines. I have studied with shamans from around the world. Most of all, I have prepared for my life's work by looking for patterns as they appeared both inside and outside of me. Like clues left as signposts on a greater yet hidden path, I finally pieced them together to find what I was looking for.

In short, I found me. The real me. The me who is awake. And I learned how to live my real life instead of the one laid out for me through my biology, psychology, and socialization. 

I have since mentored thousands of others through online classes, had more than 150 year-long apprentices in mentoring the soul through contemporary shamanism, and served as the go-to consultant for elite business leaders, speakers, and authors from around the world. I’ve also created social change projects that have traveled the globe to touch people just like you—after all, a mentor needs to walk the talk!

Now it's your turn.

The World Is Calling YOU…

It seems everywhere we look, the world is on fire.

These fires are literal, metaphorical, and classically mythical…all at once.

We have shifted from first-world "problems" to first-world PROBLEMS—seemingly overnight.

And yet at the very same time...

We are seeing a spiritual renaissance. This is an AWAKENING of humanity, and it is happening faster than we have ever seen before, to more and more of us at the same time.

This, too, is classic—the danger and the opportunity appearing together.

For those of us who are awakening, we must seize every opportunity to expand into our full selves… now. 

We can now accomplish so much—if we have the humility to learn from the maps left by the ancients, if we expand our understanding of who we really are both personally and culturally, and if we learn how to live into our full individual and collective potential.

Together, We Can Change The World.

The world can't wait for us to make up our minds (our brain often being the very roadblock to our awakening).

The time is now. The person is You.

Are you ready? 

This Is The Year YOU Take Up Residence In Your One True Life

Look, no one can create Awakening on demand for you. (That's nature's job, and yes, you are wired for it.) What I can do—and have done time and time again—is support you in your journey to it, through it, and beyond it, so that you can create the kind of life you dream of... however that looks and feels for you. I can create the conditions—just like a linen towel can create the fast ripening of the sweetest peach—in which your awakening progresses further in a shorter amount of time. 

Ever since my own awakening, I’ve known my path and purpose is to further ripen and support the integration of those who are ready.

I can truly say that I live in service to a greater humanity and a fully awakened world.

Now, 20 years in, I feel both humble and confident enough in that progress to share it DIRECTLY for the very first time. 

While I will admit to making plenty of mistakes (who doesn't?—that is part of every new learning!), I have always promised myself I would not teach anything I had not LIVED. 

Which is why I have created the most powerful program possible for YOU. I want to help YOU ripen into your awakened life in all its vibrancy and promise. In short, A Year Of Awakening is the most comprehensive learning experience I've ever created.

Yes, I know everyone and their brother has a course out there. Some are fantastic! And most are perfectly fine for dipping your toes into a topic.

But dipping your toes in?

Well, that’s not this course.

This is immersion in both materials AND energies—all intended to transform you in a 360-degree fashion.

While there are many great introductory programs out there, consider this a 501 graduate-level course. Only I'm not your teacher. Life is your teacher. I'm your mentor. That "master," as the saying goes, who is five steps (or 20 years) ahead with a lantern. 

As your mentor, I'll sneak you into the most interesting parts of the sacred libraries of life—and yes, it will take us a full year to get where we are going (though you can expect changes to start right away).

You see, this program isn't a training I created to set on autopilot. Instead, A Year Of Awakening is designed to connect you, me, and all of us in the course on a whole new level.

We’ll transform together... so we can then transform the world.

That said, after a decade of teaching and mentoring, I do know that life is lived and experienced differently for every single one of us. Knowing that, I designed everything in the course to be customizable to your life, your style, your truth, and your choices. 

Even better, as a result of my awakening experience and my extensive shamanic training, I will share from many layers and levels of our emerging new reality, so that we are sure to hit the sweet spot for your growth right now. I'll even share directly from my own life and personal growth, which at 20 years into awakening has some pretty high-wire challenges, so you can see what that looks like!

All this means that one person’s experience with A Year Of Awakening can be very different from another’s. My intention is to meet you where you are, greet your soul on an essence level, and then up-level you and your life over the course of one year. 

So know that if you're called to join now, the training you receive will be the one you are destined to experience.

NOW is the time to take the next step.

Yes, I've been at this a while...

Want to see a then-and-now? This is a much younger me, talking about my awakening just a few years after. As you can see, I've been working with awakening for a L-O-N-G time!



The ancient wisdom is clear:

You do not change the world. You change worlds.

I'll show you how. 


We who are awakening...

 ...are naturally interested in the territories of the soul, spirit, and ultimate consciousness. Yet we cannot leave the body, our relationships, and our communities behind, as these are the core of our humanity (and yes, we are human).  In A Year Of Awakening, nothing of importance will be left behind.



First, we begin with deep self-inquiry.

Our year together will begin by traveling into the depths of your truth. After all, you’ve got to know who you are to awaken to who you can be.

We start by finding what is right about you and your life (we've all had enough of looking for what is wrong, haven't we?), and then consider what is ready to be fully embraced or set down and walked away fromfor good.

We have six modules to ripen, support, and integrate your awakening. 

Over the course of our year, our community will move through six powerful modules designed to help you work with outworn stubborn patterns, handle outgrown relationships, and grow into your authentic self. I say "our community" because this isn't a self-guided training where I leave you alone to wander in the desert. It's a guided experience where we all learn from each other!

Each Six-Week Module Contains

Two Lesson Options Per Week

Your lessons will be delivered on my members-only course site. You can log in anytime that works for you from anywhere in the world. Our six-week-on, two-week-off schedule allows for breathing room for when life gets hectic and you could use a little break or lesson make-up time. Each week we will dive into a potent series of “themes” for a smart, holistic, and true 360-degree self-inquiry. We’ll mix and match 12 topics (from money and health to community and contribution) so that you can dive in again and again, getting more and more profound with each dive. 

Weekly Live + Recorded 60-90 Minute Webinars

Following our six-week-on, two-week-off schedule, we will gather for weekly live teaching and "awakening YOU" focused attention to consider the real world problems of our participants in real world ways. This is critical as we don’t live on a mountain top! In all my years of teaching (year after year after year), I hear it is the live video calls—and the powerful vibes that come from our awakening conversations—that really move us all forward. I take that seriously and will show up ready to dive in, bring forth the awakening energies, and get ourselves ready for whatever arises in our lives.

Focused Attention Opportunities Each Week

You will have an opportunity to sign up to have part of our live sessions focus on a particular topic or need YOU are uniquely facing, using your own life as an example for all of us. This is perfect for when you know you have a topic you would like to have addressed and can't quite get a breakthrough on. Priority is given to our Early Bird questions—though if there is time, I'll also work spontaneously. Even if you are not the type to speak up, please know that the questions that arise almost always seem to apply to the majority of us, so listening in and gaining perspective can be of great help.

Track Your Progress With Our Custom App

Build community and powerful habits by posting your daily and weekly progress. We have a very simple but turbo-boosting app that allows you to track your progress on some of the MOST heavy-hitting, fast-acting, habit-building practices there are out there to support your journey. Choose those that are suggested—I have personally vetted and regularly use these practices, and I'm always on the lookout for more!—or choose to define your own. I’ve designed this for win-win-win-win-wins! These habits will guide your journey long after A Year Of Awakening is over. You’ll also build your tribe by connecting to and communicating with those you want to follow—everyone or just a few, it’s up to you!

Multiple Options for Your Unique Learning Style

In order to give you many ways "in" to your own further awakening, I wanted to be sure to account for the fact that different people learn differently. That’s why we have written lessons, live and recorded calls, and an app. You can do all of it deep-dive-style, OR pick and choose from what supports you most. You can work at your own pace, OR follow along daily with the community. The material will be here waiting for you with no expiration date. Most importantly, there will be NO guilt, shame, or blame if you don't do everything. Look, I know the way the world is right now, and it's crazy busy and full of distractions. I've designed this course so you can customize your course experience to fit your life.

Exploration of the Six Maps of the Soul

While there are countless maps to awakening (if you know how to look), I’ve chosen these six so that you can find yourself awakening at different layers and levels, with direct application to your current, everyday life. Several of them have been here for... well, seemingly forever... and are encoded in us to come alive through awakening. These maps help you make sense of the world around you, your own life, and your own development. Each map will be of great help to you as you begin to discover and understand your place in the nature of all things. Best of all, they show you where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you are are going. They also help you explain your True Path to others who are also awakening.

"I'm blown away, again and again...."

"Robin Rice has real wisdom and she works solely from a place of authenticity. Most important—she let's me find my own truth. I've moved through so much in such a short time. I'm blown away, again and again, by the work."

—Katharina Kohlmayr, Hamburg, Germany

"...a way-shower, showing you your way, not hers."

"Robin Rice understands that all that comes to her and dwells within her is Spirit. She easily sees beyond the illusion to the heart of the real. She's committed to helping others realize their own epiphanies. I see her strongest gift as being a way-shower, showing you your way, not hers."

- Burt Kempner, Gainsville, Florida

Our weekly lesson of deep self-inquiry will be accompanied by an exploration of six maps of the emerging self, soul, spirit, and consciousness. 

This is not awakening's first rodeo!

To hasten our own ripening, we can learn from those who have traveled the path to awakening before us. To do this, our weekly lesson of deep self-inquiry will be accompanied by an exploration of six maps of the emerging self, soul, spirit, and consciousness. I’ve chosen these particular six so that you can find yourself through many layers, levels, and lenses... all with direct application to YOUR life. 

Each map is shared in such a way that the essence level emerges. Some of the maps may be familiar to you, while some are composites I have discovered and recreated for our contemporary lives. Each are so rich with heart and meaning, you can always discover more, especially as we apply them directly to the path of your awakening.

In specific, we will cover: 

The Map of the Hero and Heroine's Journey as applied to the awakening life. This is your journey into the world and your maturing SELF—in this lifetime, as this "YOU"—in order to grow into your soul truth and purpose. We'll consider the works of the great mythologist Joseph Campbell in The Hero With A Thousand Faces, the further illuminating works of Maureen Murdock in The Heroine's Journey, and consider the journey as shared by James Bonnet in Stealing Fire From The Gods (a book about movie making, but also so, so much more).

The Map of Alchemy is a classic one for personal, spiritual, and psychological transformation. We will look at it with an eye on our evolving personal and collective “identity”—who we think we are, and how we can expand that to include living as an awakened human being. This map explains the "fires and floods" of our lives, and reveals the patterns that everyone encounters on the journey toward awakening. Stage Seven is where we are heading, but there are six important steps to take first! (Don't worry, I'll do my best to translate this esoteric work into real world help!)

The Map of Ways is a map I discovered within one of Piero Ferrucci's books, Inevitable Grace. While not written as a map, it beautifully details the ways in which you might be inspired to contribute your offering to the world (including through The Way of Action, The Way of Illumination, The Way of Dance & Ritual, The Way of Science, The Way of Devotion, and The Way of the Will) and how each pathway has inherent steps toward further awakening. Each way builds from a smaller "self" perspective into a full blown awakening experience of the chosen path .

The Map of Awakened  or "Teal" Organizations is gleaned through the original work of Don Beck, then interpreted and expanded upon by Ken Wilbur, and finally illuminated through organizations by Fredrick Laloux. This map helps explain how our communities, organizations, and corporations are evolving along with us—even if the pace is slower and harder to see. To understand this map is to have real hope for our future and see where real, grounded progress is being made.

The Map for Mystics, the Shamans, and the Healers is similarly found in many different traditions including the mystical levels of Catholicism and Judaism. To understand how to read these maps is to see that while any path can take us halfway up the mountain, no path can take us up the second half. That is ours to forge. Dedicated to the Divine and worlds-beyond-words, the mystic knows it is no easy trek to go ALL THE WAY. Thankfully, the maps left by those who have gone before us provide profound relief (especially with all the many odd sensations and experiences that come with this path) and solid direction.

The Map of Consciousness is where we enter entirely new worlds of greater and greater well-being. A new "self" (or even a "no-self") is born and grows through its own stages. This new level of consciousness has been my own experience, but our study will also consider the work illuminated by Dr. Jeffery A. Martin, who conducted the largest international study on the types of consciousness commonly known as enlightenment, non-duality, the peace that passeth understanding, and many other terms. This awakening offers us a consistent shift away from fear, worries, and anxieties. Mental chatter falls away and a sense that you have the choice to live your life however you wish emerges. Social conditioning fades while the conviction that you no longer need to heal—indeed, that you were just fine all along!—arises. "Moodiness" disappears, even if you still experience happy and unhappy emotions. Most of all, there is a sense that the way things are—even when they are not pleasant—can be deeply trusted. 

"...she helps you identify with extraordinary precision what is stopping you..."

"I have studied with many teachers over several decades, but none have the precision of Robin Rice. What Robin does, which is unique, is she helps you identify with extraordinary precision what is stopping you from fulfilling your greatest ambitions..."

- Paul C., Boston, MA

Our App Creates FUN Progress Tracking + Community & Connection

Our dedicated app has been designed to connect us all—and not just metaphorically! You will be able to follow anyone you desire (friends, people who interest you, those who comment on your content, etc…) in order to grow closer in relationship with them. Similar to Facebook, you’ll be able to have both public and private conversations with your fellows—including sharing photos and videos.

Why is this so important?

Not long ago, I started noticing something powerful on my Facebook feed. People, who were at one time strangers, began celebrating milestones with those they met through one of my courses or programs. They were celebrating years of meaningful relationships, from starting businesses, podcasts, and blogs together, to traveling to places beyond those I’d organized. It was all evidence of something I hadn't fully appreciated—real and lasting friendships had been forged in our time together, even when that time was online.

It touched me so deeply to realize that, no matter what I was sharing, there was another background purpose to this work—connecting tribe members to each other. Soul mates, friends-for-life, business partners all coming from the power of connection through sharing a vision. What’s not to love about that?

Now it’s your turn: Imagine a cohort of soon-to-be friends who all respond to THIS message and THESE offerings—just as you are. Imagine the power of the collective supporting your journey forward. Imagine that true community replaces the loneliness of the path—which is so often the experience of awakening for so many. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

That is what we are after. This is the true gold. The connections you make may be the greatest gift this year offers you. 

And just as you need these fellows, they need you.


Your soul is calling…

Your tribe is calling…

Your world is calling...


Robin, I'm In! >>>

"...momentum for development that will continue for a lifetime."

"...what has changed most dramatically is an expansion of personal authenticity. I often behaved the way I knew I was supposed to, or tried to seem as if I were enjoying something that I wasn’t, or that I was present in a given situation when my mind and spirit were really miles away.

This work has made me more present, more self-aware, much kinder to myself, and more genuinely me. I’m simply enjoying the state of being myself much more these days...

Robin has created momentum for development that will continue for a lifetime... this stuff is working."

- Rainmaker Client


My Promise To You Is...

One. Powerful. Year.

My promise to you begins with a promise I always make to myself—I will show up Deeply... Fully... and Slightly Madly In Love!

When you show up (and yes, I will help you learn how), A Year Of Awakening will bring you powerfully home.

Home to yourself, your truth, your purpose, your LIFE.


* Powerful insights into yourself and the way YOU best follow your path.

Awakening follows a classic path for everyone, yet everyone will EXPERIENCE and EXPRESS that somewhat differently. The trail you leave will be as unique as you are. (Could something as powerful as awakening be anything less?)

Because of this, I want to customize your experience as much as possible. I’ve factored this into our course design from the very start. Knowing how YOU best follow YOUR path allows you to easily come back to center quickly, even in times of great turmoil and strife. The powerful insights you receive will allow you to learn but also DO life differently. Your actions will no longer be dictated by your emotions, stories, and thoughts—won’t THAT be a relief!

* Powerful habits to keep your awakening journey alive, year after year.

Our goal is not to be in a 100%, full-time awakened state by the end of the year (though that could happen with or without a course). That said, the habits you form in A Year Of Awakening will allow you to maintain your vision and purpose, foster your understanding of truth, and continue to act with authenticity year after year. That, my friends, is priceless.

* Powerful work to hold you for a full year—no more jumping from one thing to the next.

For the next year, you no longer have to search for your next “thing.” You can relax into knowing this is your year of awakening—and this work is plenty enough to hold you! You will be supported by me and by the community we build together. Let’s stop digging ten wells ten feet deep and never hitting water. Let's build one well 100 feet deep and quench our thirst!

After 20 years on this path and a decade of teaching and mentoring, I know how to support you online. I’ll start by giving you the best modalities, exercises, maps, and truths I've encountered. Then I’ll give you my very "present" best in our live video calls. Together, this means we will see real results in your further awakening. You can fully release yourself to the process, knowing your life and vision WILL change as a result of your commitment.

As you probably know, the work begins when you say, “Yes.” I have seen it time and time again. As soon as you commit to A Year Of Awakening, the Universe rises up to meet you.

* Powerful friendships to last a lifetime... or more!

Imagine your true spiritual community—one that shares the same vision, goals, dreams, and aspirations as you do. The truth is you have to do some of this by yourself… there’s no way around that. BUT at the same time, you cannot do it alone. Find yourself embraced by new friends, teachers, allies, and community learning and growing together.

* Powerful revelations from the maps left by the ancients.

The awakening process invites you to shed the stories of the mind and find your True Essence and your True Calling. The path invites you to know why you are here and what you are distinctly designed to do. (Isn’t that just so very amazing?) For ages, people have sought these truths, and we live in a time where we can discover the maps. In fact, we can discover many of them at once—finding the common threads in all of them all! This, THIS, has never happened before. These maps assure and insure that you will find that which you seek. I will show you these maps, and from there, your intuition and inner guides will show you which path is right for YOU.  

* Powerful ways of knowing that guide you to your own True North.

Imagine your path becoming very clear. Uncertainty is slipping away. Your thoughts and actions are aligned with who you really, truly are.

Imagine what happens when you know yourself fully. You no longer have to question the decisions you make or fear you will not be fully supported in those decisions. You will no longer waffle in your decision making. You Know Yourself. (Whew!)

Now, you no longer have to fear your reactions to life, even when it comes on hard and heavy. Now, you will be able to interact with others through compassion rather than judgement. Now, your life’s work, whatever it is intended to be, will become meaningful and in service to more than just the daily needs of food, clothing, and shelter. When you know your True North, you are consistently living on purpose.

And if you find yourself having a power nap to your awakened self and purpose—as we all do—you will have the tools to bring yourself right back to YOU.  

* Powerful progress—period.

As you use the tools and dive into the work, you will find a way to understand yourself as you never have.

While everyone’s experience will be different, each one of you will have the capacity to be more alive, aware, and—YEAH YOU—drama-free. This means you will be better able to:

  • Experience the pain of life (that can’t be helped), but with the ability to CHOOSE to avoid the suffering.
  • Have greater wisdom and knowledge of the truth.
  • Become a true witness to your body, your emotions, your reactions, and your stories.
  • Know how to use your truth to navigate your daily life and impact the world around you—more than you ever thought possible.  
  • Allow your relationships to become more authentic, even as your fears of people and situations will disappear.
  • Know you are supported in who you are and what you are here to do.

"If you know Robin, you know that she has no idea how to be average. Everything she does pushes the limits of excellence..."

"Working with Robin over the last 5 years has completely changed my life. She is a truth-teller, soul-activator, creator, and magician. (If you don't believe in magic, after working with her, you will!) I love how she has integrated decades of teachings for A Year Of Awakening to take us to new levels of consciousness. It's like a "Best of Robin Rice" plus, plus, plus! If you know Robin, you know that she has no idea how to be average. Everything she does pushes the limits of excellence into the realms of Exquisite, Sacred, and Divine. Your soul knows if it is time to initiate your next stage of brilliance. Take a deep breath and honor that knowing."

- Tamara Gerlach, Oakland, CA

"How will I know joining A Year Of Awakening is right for me?"

First, you may just KNOW. Even if you don’t quite know why, you feel the call to join right now.  

If you feel called, yet have fears arising...

Stop. Take a moment to align with your breath. Bring your awareness inside.  

Ask yourself these two ancient questions from the Hero’s Journey:

"Is this my time?”

Is this your time to take the journey towards knowing your true nature and the true nature of all that is? We each have a time, when our soul is clearly seeking to be heard, where our inner wisdom prompts us to discover the greater purpose and direction for our life.  

This time in history is a time of great awakening. People everywhere are heeding the call toward greater Purpose and Meaning. Is this your time?

If your answer is “yes,” ask yourself…

“Is this my call?”

Is this your program to join? As you seek the answer to this simple yet profound question, trust your intuition to guide you to join only what is yours to join.

“Is this my time?”
“Is this my call?

These simple but profound questions can guide us to the right decisions in all areas of life, and will guide you here as well.

If this is your time to awaken and this is your call to take your awakening to the next level through this course, you'll feel it. When you feel it, you can have confidence that the greater Universe WILL support you.

"A light not of this world, lighting this world, with global reach."

"Robin Rice is a visionary, a mastermind. Brilliant thinker. Problem solver. She can go into groups of people and move the entire group forward. She can revolutionize a trend and take it in a much more meaningful direction. A light not of this world, lighting this world, with global reach." 

- McCall Erickson, Billings, Montana


"In a world thirsty for people who can make a difference, Robin is truly a rainmaker..."

"Before I met Robin, my life was just fine. I had a good job, a stable home life, and probably a gentle, painless slide into irrelevance. I met Robin over the phone, and she knew immediately that 'just fine' was killing me, draining my soul and sapping my energy...

As an academic and professional communicator, I don't take terms such as 'soul mentor' lightly, but that is what Robin has been for me, and there will be children and adults across this nation who will benefit from the change she has helped work in me and through me.

In a world thirsty for people who can make a difference, Robin is truly a rainmaker, and a nurturer of rainmakers. And for that she has my deepest thanks."

– Chris Reimann, PhD, East Landing, Michigan

(Photo Credit Eve Hannah)

Your Investment

This is the culmination of 20 years of my own work, I'm including the very best of what I have to share in our year.

This includes the best materials from my 2016 The Significant Year program (each seat in that class was $10,000—and oh, the year we had!) and some of the best material from my 2015 Art And Practice Of Mentoring The Soul apprenticeship (more than 60 people took that course at $2,700). I'm also including our special app to connect with others, build your awakened community, and track your progress. In other words, one place to keep all your awakening practices going strong!

Most importantly, I'm showing up LIVE week after week, making sure your transformative year is supported and guided by me personally. I don't have other teachers working underneath me on this—your journey is just that important. Which is why for A Year Of Awakening, you get access to me and my support and guidance for a full year.

To be honest, it was first suggested that I price all this at $5,995, given you can spend as much on a two-week workshop these days! But that didn't feel right, as I know this would be just too much for many. So I set a price that felt most attainable and aligned with the impact I desired and the ability to meet more people on a financial level... $3,800 for the full year.  

Your Bonuses!

Register in 2017 and you'll get TWO powerful added BONUSES—because I love to reward those who are ready with an early "YES!" (You make SUCH great participants and it also really helps me out to know how much to share the program out in the wider world!)


BONUS #1: Training Your Inner Warrior

If you’ve ever felt like there’s “two yous” inside—one which wants your best interests and one which fights you—then this course is for you. Over 31 days, you’ll become empowered to break through the mental roadblocks holding you back. You'll learn how to change one important thing you want to change and use it as a template for ANY change you want to make. Thousands of people have taken this course to rave reviews. (Hint: It will also solve the "what if I don't show up" problem, because that is exactly what it trains you to do—I promise!)


BONUS #2: Speaking Your Sage, Writing Your Wise 

This is the course that hundreds of people on my Facebook page voted for me to create—and it is yet another game changer. Because when you are awake—and you can communicate the beauty of your vision—wow, things really start MOVING! In this class, you can take any art form (writing, painting, speaking, or anything else) and discover your true voice. Now THAT is a game changer! 





After 20 years on this path and in service to others, I am giving you my best in A Year Of Awakening. Your life, your vision, your purpose will grow as you move through this profound offering with me and the others in your tribe.

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