Call it inner yoga. 
Or collective mentoring.
Or psychoactive inspiration. 
Or fuel for the journey. 
Or water for the parched soul.
Whatever else you call it, you'll consider it one of the best hours of your week. 

3 Weekly Offerings - Mix And Match

Wednesdays on Zoom 11:30 am Pacific / 2:30 pm Eastern Wednesdays 5:15 pm Pacific / 8:15 pm Eastern
JUST ADDED: Fridays 9 am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern
- Or Choose Our Next-Day Recording Option At A Discount! -

*All classes are 60-75 minutes. When you register for the Live Video class, you will have the option to mix an match any of the three time offerings and change from week to week - just attend no more than ONE per week due to space (honor system used for this). We post only one recording per week (our choice). The program is ongoing throughout the year.



About The Class

While some claim there is only one track to awakening, I take a different view. Everything within the sweeping catastrophic beauty of this thing we call life contains an aspect of awakening. Pain and beauty. Suffering and choosing to not suffer. Storytelling and non-story living.

You can awaken eating avocado toast, walking the Santiago, meditating to an ancient chant, saying your own name over and over again, struggling through (or deciding to leave) a tough job, or navigating a challenging personal or family relationship. With the correct lens to look through, each and every experience becomes fodder for our greater awareness.

Like flowers that were born to bloom, there is nothing outside of our experience of awakening. You may awaken by fighting injustice or laying down your sword. It's how you fight or lay down your sword that speaks to how awake you are in any given moment. 

While any path can point to the moon, no path IS the moon. The moon is its own thing. In the same way, awakening is its own thing. We can point to it as we talk about it, and we can do the important work of integrating our most profound experiences—but those breakthrough experiences often happen in unexpected leaps and in the midst of supposedly mundane experiences.

Our work in class, then, is about the pointing. It is about understanding the lens we look through. It is about the preparation for such experiences and the integration after. It is about having others to help you see your blind spots, think in new ways, and come up with—if not better answers—at least much better questions.

In specific, you’ll learn new approaches to everyday living, stretch your inner thinking and truth-telling, challenge and upgrade your stories, receive mentoring on the tough issues, and find yourself moving to more and more awake moments throughout your day.  

It is also about a community of like-minded (and hearted) people who are experiencing what you are. In this class, you will have an opportunity to know be known and know each other in profound ways. 

Awakening takes time, but that time can be hastened with support and encouragement, and it does not have to take 20 years to see progress. Just as a "yoga body" is not accomplished in a day, and yoga itself is about something more than the physical body, our “inner yoga” class is a way of intentionally practicing and attending to our inner work. 

If you tend to push your inner work aside, or feel you don't know how to go about it, or you have a habit of not making time for what is most important, this class will provide direction, structure and community support.

Also like a yoga class, very often something more/other/beyond happens when a group gathers, especially with experienced instructions and focused group intentions. This is the psychoactive nature of the work that supports the journey. If this class is like the others I have taught over the last decade, the psychoactive element will arrive to greet us again and again. 

Awakening always happens in the moment, and therefore our training will unfold in the moment. The more you present yourself to this lens and experience, the more insights you will have and progress you will make. 

Classes start September 12th, 2018. I hope you join us! 

Each Sunday you will find a short written or video prompt on our website. This will serve as a springboard topic for the week. Share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below the weekly post prior to our class sessions so that I can prepare to meet your deepest wishes for awakening. Class will proceed directly from your thoughts and questions so this is a vital aspect of our process.

In addition, you'll have access to your fellows (share about you and your work and/or social media links) through a special "watercooler" post within your class (there is no facebook group). 

Your video and downloadable audio class recording will be posted within 24 hours and be available for two weeks. 

We will use ZOOM as our platform and you will have access to all class times so that you can mix and match any class as it works for you week to week. However, we request that you show up live for only one class per week (your time can change weekly, as best fits your schedule). You are welcome to miss class as needed, but if you know you do not plan to attend live on a regular basis, please choose our Next-Day Recording option.

You will NOT have a call in phone number, so live participants will need to show up via internet, preferably with your video showing. This allows for a truly beautiful container to be created. 

You do not have to show up or turn on your video each week. We hope if you choose this option, however, that you intend to show up on video frequently. 

Live mentoring will occur only for those with a video turned on, and due to large class size, this is not possible to offer to all participants on any given week.

Recordings of one call per week will be available within 24 hours (often sooner) and will be available for two weeks after it is posted.  

The question/comment and social "watercooler" offerings are available to Next Day Recording participants - we want everyone to participate in the shaping of our content!  

As with all teachers, waysayers, guides, and mentors, there is both the professional and the person. 

My professional aspect is what I put out into the world, and it is far more of a calling than a career. I am a mentor to leaders who are in the process of creating our next culture and technologies. I have written many books, both fiction (post-modern mythology) and non-fiction, and am internationally published. My social change projects have traveled the globe and have been covered by major media in 30+countries. I have taught online for more than a decade and have had more than 2,500 students and more than 150 year-long apprentices. My teaching of contemporary shamanism is now carried on through a few very gifted and accomplished former apprentices. As a guide, I help anyone who works with me to find and follow their truth—not mine. We will focus on everything that stands before us, from the most practical aspects of everyday life (children, business, eating, body aches and pains) to the most profound challenges we find within ourselves.

As the person behind the role, I am just like you... a traveler on the journey, full of personality, and in self-aware ownership of an ego. I practice through making an effort and both hitting the mark and not hitting the mark. I make mistakes and then attending them. I am a poet at my core, and through a heart that lives beyond sentimentality, I look at and feel things through multiple lenses, including spirituality, consensus reality, our essential nature, and a core profundity. I am more “wave” than “particle” in my private world, spending a great deal of time in silent reflection (sometimes meditation, but more often contemplation). At 55, I am part queen and part crone. Beyond the physical body, I am ageless, timeless, and living outside of any specific guiding mythology.

"Robin Rice is whatever we need her to be. I see her most effectively as a visionary, a mastermind. She can go into groups of people and move the entire group forward. She can revolutionize a trend and take it in a much more meaningful direction. Big mind. Brilliant thinker. Problem solver. - McCall E, Utah

"My soul had sought out a teacher for many years, but nothing truly clicked until I met Robin. After seeing her in action, I knew that this was someone with true purpose and integrity... someone who takes her role as a guide very seriously... someone with whom I would experience a mutually respectful teacher-student relationship... someone who truly walks her talk.... absolutely THE BEST."  - Marni W, Vermont

"I've seen Robin in the dark. She can handle anything... Robin’s voice is an incredible vehicle. The music is so compelling.  She has the ability to make people focus inward and listen just by speaking. Her tone is important—I don't enjoy anything preachy, lecture-y, or ominous.  I appreciate optimism, positivity, humor, and issues I can relate to. Robin always offers that."  - Terry N, Arlington, Virginia

"Robin is not interested in me living HER version of "the dream."  She knows there is no THE dream & wants me to find MY dream.  She wants me to be the best ME, not a carbon copy of her, which is what a lot of mentors seem to want. Robin has lived through some really challenging events in her life through which she has hammered & forged a character like none I've ever seen. She is truly a woman of her word, gives more than she takes, lives in true alignment with her values, & is honest in the most refreshing way."  - Leslie S, Nevada

With Robin's guidance and teaching, the tools you gain and awareness of your place of service in the world become truly empowering. She is a beautiful, magical, wizened woman. She is gentleness, grace, wisdom, warmth, approachable, and has humor. I see a better world, a ripple effect from Robin that keeps building and spreading out, awakening more, healing more, bringing soul to life for that humanity's story does not have a bitter end."  -Jennifer P, Massachusetts

"Robin has a unique way of touching people, bringing them together. She creates tribes. She unlocks people’s true potential. She has a passion not only to connect and create, but to make a difference to others lives and they to another, creating a ripple. When I think of Robin, I imagine worldwide healing from people in small remote villages of India to fast paced stockbrokers in London." - Manni D, Valencia, Spain

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