Speaking Your Sage;

Writing Your Wise

With Robin Rice

Tell me, please... 

...that you have something to say. Something for this world, something we could use.

Tell me, please, that you are not afraid. Or, even if you are, that you won't hold back because... well... for any reason.

Tell me, please, what you know to be true, what you've learned, what you've seen, what you have come to believe is real.

Tell me, please, because words matter, and if wisdom doesn't speak now, how will we survive?

Tell me, please, what you have to say to me. To us all.

We need your wise; we are desperate for your sage. We want your words in the way rocks want water so that they might become smooth instead of jagged. We want your voice in the way and the way the wind wants trees to whisper through.

Tell me, please...

Speaking Your Sage

You came to be heard.

The space between having something to say and actually saying it can seem like the distance between heaven and hell. However easy it looks for someone else, the only way that any of us bridge this gap is through practice - connecting our mind to our tongue, our creativity to our throat, our strong belly to the legs that hold us up and the heart that beats us into being. Together, we'll practice. Together, we'll get there.

Writing Your Wise

The words that are yours.

"Use your words," our mothers said, and we've been trying ever since. It ought to be simple, but to get down to the marrow, it is anything but. To find our cadence, to hear our own truth, to write what we know but also what we want to know, this is what we are after. This - and maybe only this - will quench our thirst for expression. It may be all we leave this earth, but by God or by Goddess, we will make this offering.

Creating From Core

Every medium communicates.

Anything we make counts as expression, as voice, as worthy connection. A painting. A photograph. A sculpture. A pot. A drawing. A song. A knitted pink pussy hat. If writing is not your thing, bring whatever is. The world needs your creation to be what it wants to be. We'll adapt each lesson and every dare to the art that wants to show up in you and through you. If you're feeling called, come. We won't be the same without you.

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