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"This course, it's magic. The path looks very different, for once..."

          "I LOVE being a student again. It's a gift to turn that over and just be guided."

"I feel like you have written this course for me."

          "WOW we are so lucky to have this opportunity! 'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.' You have, and I thank you for your course offering again today."

"Genius moment... Mind blown!!!!! I adore how my brain is getting engaged first thing in the morning!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

          "I'm in gratitude for this course. Tons of AHA's. I appreciate it more than you can know."

"I understand now why I took this course. The clarity with which you present this material is profound, Robin. We are clearing out the speed bumps!"

          "I have never taken a course like this. Such golden nuggets to take away with me when it's done."

"BTW, this course is BRILLIANT! Wow!"

          "Do you know how long and how many times I’ve tried to establish this kind of simple ritual and failed?!?!? There's magic afoot with this course and Robin's teachings!"

"I LOVE how every single piece of the puzzle is falling into place. So freeing. This is a very well-crafted course!"

          "I can honestly say that I have never looked forward to 'getting to class' as much. The Aha moments keep piling up, and there is an excitement and a REAL curiosity of 'what's next?'"

"I am loving this course because I am SEDUCED by EASY. You have made it so easy to do this. And it keeps getting better."

          "Such good material, Robin!! Love!! I have been keeping up!"

"Oh, and today's lesson: Genius!"

          "Each lesson has been perfectly timed. Robin, you Rock!!"

"Love this program, love the sound wisdom of Robin Rice."

          "By the end of the lesson I was smiling to my soul! Thanks, Robin Rice, for such a delicious moment!"

"Today's lesson hits home like a hobbit all snug in his/her hole!!!"

          "The first line of today's lesson started me giggling, then laughing. As I read along, more giggling and laughing each having a different HIT, feeling, and sound. HOLY MOLY!!!"

"Two words about today's lesson... mind blown!"

          "A marvelous lesson. Here today, your inspiriting, delightful teaching."

"So glad I took this course."

          "Very calming. For me, that's a good thing. I struggle to be still."

"Brilliant lesson today. I feel as if I am really getting to know myself in depth."

          "Today's lesson was felt very deeply, thank you!"

"I am appreciating the lightness and humor of your course. It keeps me dancing with possibilities!"

          "Much gratitude! I shouted out several times through this lesson—GENIUS!!!"

"I am quite literally blown away by your you!!"

          "Surprising myself by keeping up. A first! Time to try a different approach for success. Thank you for this eye-opening course."

"WOW! Today's lesson is fantastic! Can't begin to explain the amazing GENIUS moments I'm having, and the way these teachings take a whole lot of fragments of hard, hard past work and are weaving them like a silk web of precise beauty with grace, ease even. Thank you, deeply. I am savoring each day, reflecting on the previous ones, and anticipating tomorrow!"

          "Thoroughly enjoying how this course builds every day."

"Thank you for this amazing, mind blowing program!"

          "This is a wonderful thing to be a part of at this time!"

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences."

          "Thank you SO much for the fantastic gift of this work! I am having huge breakthroughs. Thank you for all you are...and all of your work to bring this teaching to fruition!!"

"Absolutely love doing this course, talk about it every day with my mom."

          "I am REALLY loving everything so far. The curriculum builds on itself so nicely, and your sharing of your personal experience helps my processing of the big ideas. I'm so grateful for this."

"Loved today's lesson; and note to self, be careful reading your lessons in public. You may spontaneously laugh out loud and receive odd looks... Genius, Genius, Genius!"

          "This course is so gentle, loving, funny, and smart—thank you."

"I LOVE this course! I look forward to each and every lesson. So does my wife/creative partner who is doing the course, also. We frequently talk about our delight in your writing, where you come from in your teaching, and the way the course is structured. It is unlike anything we have encountered before, and we have been learning and teaching relationship/personal development/spirituality programs ourselves since 1977."

          "Gracias! Love today's lesson."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you...am truly already getting so much from this course..."

          "I am so amazed at how this course is manifesting into my life."

"What I like about this course is that it makes me feel so comfortable around change, thanks!"

          "Absolutely loving the course. And DOING it! (Alongside all my other commitments.....) With joy."

"These days my dreams are all about the course. Thank you."

          "Wow and BOOM! Today's lesson is STUNNING! Oh my! I am that good-kind-of stunned. Wow, wow, wow."

"Beginning to see the error in my perception, the flawed premise in my belief. Beginning to see an opening—R-e-l-i-e-f."

          "Best lesson (for me) yet. Really love this one, Robin."

"Awesome lesson...and now onward with INNER POWER! YES!!!"

          "This was such a great lesson, Robin. It really landed for me. Thank you."

"Very, very cool that even within a 'short' program like this, Robin, you are building the idea of rest/balancing time into the work, just like real life! It makes the lessons even stronger. Loved today's time to just walk that path and have time to reflect and strengthen..."

          "One of the biggest aha, oh-yeah-mama, holy-I-get-it moments EVER!!!"

"This lesson is what I have needed pretty much all my life...boom!"

          "I love today's lesson! We are getting down to the nitty gritty stuff now."

"Oh my goodness, this really spoke to me—it felt as is it was written for me, I completely identify!"

          "When I read the first sentences, I stopped… This is such an eye-opener, as is everything in this course."

"Wow. Last night I could not see because of my inner chatter... those guys Would Not Shut Up! It was back and forth between what a loser I am for being a procrastinator and then reminding myself how awesome I am for all I have accomplished. Then I get up to this lesson. How. Perfect! Wow. Just wow."

          "I have loved every part of this training."

"Something big shifted for me. The timing of this class is so perfect, as I have been on a long (6 1/2 years!) journey of self-discovery... and TODAY is the first day I feel as though I AM READY for whatever comes my way."

          "These words from today's lesson, Robin, are joy buzzing inside me! Things that were always there, but I did not have the eyes or space to see."

"Robin, your class is a beautiful blessing in my life!"

          "This course is ROCKING my world."

"I woke up and for the first time realized my Inner Warrior was busy kicking butt in my dreams."

          "Genius!! There was pure joy in the feeling!! Loving these lessons."

"I was talking with a friend last night and I mentioned to her my GRATITUDE for this course right now. I have done much of this kind of (inner) work over the last decade+ but without these helpful labels and concepts or looking at things quite this way. I'm keeping up each day (loving my little change)…"

          "There aren't words at the moment for my gratitude, but know I am smiling."

"These days/lessons are lining up with great perfection in my life."

          "Humble, happy noticing."

"LOVE today's lesson (well, hell, I love 'em ALL!). Fits right in with work I've been doing for many years. So, yes, today's lesson was AWESOME!"

          "Terrific lesson, Robin! Look forward to them every day!"

"Once again, the timing of these lessons is impeccable. Today's was a great eye opener for me. Robin, you cleared up so much today. As always...MAHALO!"

          "Love this lesson! Deep truths here."

"Wow, I have been working on this for months…this course came along and it's helping me to stand up more for myself. Timing is spot on!"

          "Today's lesson is pivotal in this change process. It addresses on so many levels how we can interfere with our wanted change or support it. Lots to think about on this one."

"Today's message is huge and one I initiated, but not to the depths you just taught, Robin. HUGE lesson learned—thanks for the missing gaps AND how it relates to all we are learning here!"

          "Such mind-blowing insights from today's lesson. Thank you so much for this course, it is helping me to put into action ideas that I hadn't even realized would be possible to accomplish All By Myself....."

"Today's was a great eye opener for me... Robin, you cleared up so much today!"

It gets EVEN BETTER as the course goes on...

"…a riveting and beautiful course! I had to grieve a little at the end of it, but I'm so much stronger for the experience... the course came at the perfect time to ground and strengthen me for this new chapter in my life about to be revealed."

          "Alrighty, I've just got to pop in here early after reading Day 23 and give a big whoop whoop!!! Now to strengthen my Inner Warrior and allow mySELF and I to fall even more madly in love with the journey."

"What a great lesson today. The journey IS the way!"

          "Why do I care so much for this class? This lesson landed directly in my heart and is just radiating through me...amazing."

"Beautiful lesson today! Beautiful words."

          "Today's lesson made me giggle like a goose (wait, do geese giggle?). This was a fun lesson to read through."

"I'm definitely feeling things shift and change for the better! So much genius and grace is present when we ALLOW! Brilliant...as in, GENIUS lesson, Robin!"

          "Today's lesson is/was awesome—my Wax-On-Wax-Off, thanks, Robin Rice."

"Each day is an even more powerful Lesson for me."

          "Today’s Allowing, Brilliantly Genius. I love the slow, allowing nature of this course. We live in a time which demands so much...rarely have I experienced a course like this. Taking it slow, enabling us to really take our time, no pressure, no perfectionistic ideals of having to get it all. I personally can buckle when I feel overloaded, so to have a lesson that simply is to trust and allow is my kind of joy. I thank you, Robin, from the bottom of my heart to the top. This is just what I needed...the missing piece."

"I am loving this training! Been with you every day, love the pace of this course…"

          "Robin, the pace of the course is perfect for me..."

"I am loving each of us in our precious processes. I bow to our hundreds of Inner Warriors! WE. ARE. DOING. IT."

          "Just read #25. WOW!!! BRAVO! So well done! I've been doing all the lessons and loving them. Robin, you are very good at what you do and it's a pleasure being your student."

"An outstanding lesson among all these outstanding lessons! We are both very taken with the kind of thinking you have put into the creation of this program on every level. We have been at this kind of thing for a long time and it is such a rare delight to be surprised by something so very different like what you have created here. Thank you, and I am also loving being your student, Robin."

          "It's like a whole new world is opening up. And what a joy! Very powerful course…"

"Robin’s words were right on! Really hit home. Ah, so much to learn in a short lifetime."

          "Today's lesson is like a feast. Savoring every word. Every sentence. Expect to be at the table eating for hours. I've got good training since I'm 3/4's Italian!"

"I am truly amazed at how much I am learning, absorbing, and also resisting!!! Thank you, Robin, for the illuminating light—I have written everything down from the lessons to review SLOWLY and let it permeate my whole being. This is a lifetime endeavor...your writing is dense, succinct, and imaginative—I delight in the lessons!!"

          "Thank you for today's lesson. I will love trying this out today on my path."

"If gratitude were a religion, it would be mine. Today is the most powerful lesson so far. At least for me."

          "Robin, you blow my mind!"

"We are on Holy Ground here! Yes we are."

          "Today's lesson is a REAL CASE BUSTER! It is a glorious day, the resonance of deep truth-telling is one of the great elixirs of life and love."

"I am SO grateful for this experience this month. It's been at the perfect time."

          "Thank you, Robin for this forum and this course. This class is at the perfect time."

"I just love it when the lesson lines up with what I decided to do before reading it!"

          "Thank you for lesson 27! It gave me a sense of wholeness just reading it through."

"When this course presented to me.... I knew it was the right time, I was ready to do the work but was full of fear of failing again. The empowerment of this day-to-day work at the 'just right' pace has been awesome. I am thankful and so very grateful. SO beautiful this work is... in opening up to me 'the water I swim in.'"

          "Blessings, a hundredfold to you, Robin Rice."

"I know my Warrior was walking with me. Today's lesson is superb. After a thorough review I am on track."

          "Loved today's instructions, Robin, thank you."

"BRILLIANT!!!! GENIUS!!! This lesson. Yes!"

          "Love this lesson—the content and delivery. It clarified and helped past lessons soak in deeper. Feeling grateful."

"I can’t thank you enough for Lesson 28."

          "This lesson was heartening! It's all feeling more spacious today, allowing it to soak in…"

"...a fantastic lesson for me, Robin! It hit the nail on the head on multiple levels! Thank you SO much!!!!"

          "This course has helped me to remember joy. I just realized that today."

"This course has given me something of value to look forward to receiving every day. It has given me useful life tools for mastering well-being. Most unexpected is the deep sense of connection I feel to those who are showing up and going through the journey together."

          "AMAZING! Somewhere deep down I felt it coming, but still totally wowed by the words and the unveiling—truly, truly this has been the BEST class-learning-tribe I have done in a very, very long time. THANK YOU!"

"Wow ... my eyes are filled with tears, of sadness to realize that the end of this course is near, and of joy because of all that it's brought to light. So grateful for this class coming to me at this point in my life, so very grateful."

          "Thank you, Robin Rice. This course is bringing fresh movement and vitality into my life."

"This lesson felt a bit like coming home... Thank you for this incredible work...so brilliantly put together and lovingly facilitated. Life changing!"

          "Thank you for the opportunity to take this course...it was so divinely planned."

"So many gems here. This course is all kinds of Genius!"

          "I've been with you every day, loved the course, reading at all different times, sometimes waking up at 3 a.m. and just checking out the new lesson, helped me get back on track with my sleep."

"I'm still here: which is all the evidence I need to know that at least one amazing change has taken place in me in the past thirty days. I cannot remember the last time I didn't quit on something like this…"

          "This course has helped me to help myself, and I am so happy and grateful. It has also helped me to have more faith in the ways of new technology!"

"Thank you, Robin… I have had a track record of starting and quitting but not this course. It did change the course of my life."

          "…an amazing month of Aha's and insights."

"Thank you, this course has been wonderful!"

          "I have loved this course! And, I have done every day! I'm proud of myself! This course is amazing!"

"Mahalo nui loa for this program! It has created an important shift.
What a great course! What a fantastic way to put into words my thoughts!!!"

          "So many old ways are unraveling. I'm standing in the change."

"Such incredible gratitude to you and the course. It awakened something in me and a new energy is open to a deeper service to my community."

          "Thanks so much, Robin, for a great program which I believe has nudged me to a deeper level of knowing what I already knew at some level."

"Thank you for this amazing course! At a time when life is changing so much and things seem hectic, deciding to do this every day felt like the tools I needed, not just one more thing to do in my day. The timing was perfect, such a gift."

           "Robin, this course was rich, juicy, and robust."

"This course felt like a yoga class—I found myself disengaging from the need to post about it and simply dropped into it. Like just being on my own yoga mat, just doing my 'thing' and making this a very personal inner journey."

          "The deepest of bows for the gift of this work. I can only bow deeply and add my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for this rich, rich course…"

"Wow, that's how I feel...31 days of wow...New tools, new way of thinking, new outlook...it was all priceless... transformative! I am in so much appreciation and gratitude for all the lessons."

          "You are a fabulous teacher. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"I learned a LOT in this course—still learning. Thank you, Robin Rice."

          "There is just simply not one single thing I did not love about this course!! Multiple tools in my belt now! Deep sacred gratitude to you, Robin, and a bow to you for this offering. Especially the impeccable timing of it all."

"I've made it to the end! Yay! I have noticed a mindset shift, and THAT is cool!"

          "I am on my way of letting go and decluttering my house, which of course translates to decluttering so much more. Even got my husband started, a miracle! He is considering taking the course after he saw the change it had made in me. I never set a goal of exercising more, but it just naturally came, I pulled out my weights and yoga mat and for the last two weeks have been at it every day. I want to thank you so much for this opportunity, it came at the perfect time for both me and my husband."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has made such a significant impact on me… I am filled with gratitude for your generosity of spirit, wisdom, and love!"

          "This course has been amazing. I feel like my life was a jumble of puzzle pieces and me constantly working the puzzle to get to the beautiful finish has been challenging and hard work—which ultimately gets in the way of the real me producing and being!"

"Now, the puzzle is together and my mind, brain, soul, and body can all dance together for better focus and appreciation. Such a gift, Robin—both this class and you!! Thank you!!"

          "Thank you so much for this wonderful course. Still feeling shifts big and small…As always, the lessons come when the student is ready. You are a gift."

"Thank you, Robin Rice, this course was amazing and I so greatly appreciate your authenticity."

          "Thanks so much for the course Robin... well structured and inspiring too."

"Even if I keep repeating myself: A sincere thank you, Robin! For a truly touching, inspiring, and very helpful course." 

We have more, but that ought to do for now...


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