With Robin Rice &

Guest Teacher Emily McDowell

$99   ~  Live June 8 - August 2, 2019


...that you have something to say. Something for this world, something we can use to make things better. 

...that you are not afraid. Or, even if you are, that you won't hold back. Not anymore.

...what you know to be true, what you've learned, what you've seen, what you have come to believe is real.

...that you know your voice matters. That it really, really matters.

The world wants your story, the one only you can tell, in the way only you can tell it.

Tell me... Tell us all... Please...

Speak Your Sage

You came to be heard.

The space between having something to say and actually saying it can seem like the half-inch distance between heaven and hell. However easy it looks for someone else, the only way any of us bridge this gap is through practice. We practice connecting our mind to our tongue, our creativity to our throat, our strong belly to the legs that hold us up, and the heart that beats us into being. Together, we'll practice. Together, we'll get there.

Write Your Wise

The words that are yours.

"Use your words," our good mothers encouraged, and we've been trying ever since. It ought to be simple, but to get down to the marrow, it is anything but. To find our cadence, to hear our own truth, to write what we know but also what we want to know, this is what we are after. This - and maybe only this - will quench our thirst for expression. We will all leave this earth one day, but by God or by Goddess, we will not do so before making this offering.

Create Anything

Every medium communicates.

We are "makers" by instinct. Anything we make counts as expression, as voice, as connective offering. A painting. A photograph. A sculpture. A pot. A drawing. A song. A knitted beanie. Whatever your creative thing, bring it. We'll show you ways to adapt each lesson and every dare to fit the art that wants to show up in you and through you. If you're feeling called, come. We won't be the same without you.

Summer School Offers Practice & Mentoring


Join Robin Rice and Emily McDowell this summer for a two-month-deep-dive-super-creative summer school online community - the kind of "artist colony" you always wanted to be a part of - to find and hone your unique, authentic voice.

Easy to access as it is fully online, you will:

  • Find a community of creators who also want to make a difference.
  • Get expert guidance on the "how" of finding your voice and putting it out into the world.
  • Learn from Robin Rice (author, speaker, and mentor to leaders from around the world). She shares the writing and speaking practices that allow you to access your own depth, meaning, and purpose - and thus make a true impact. 
  • Receive creative feedback from Emily McDowell to help hone, refine and refresh your material (note that due to volume, this will not be individual attention to all students and pieces, but an ongoing collective sampling from all homework that everyone will learn from). 


28 Video Mentoring Lessons With Robin Rice (One Every Other Day)

The Option To Do As Much Or As Little As You Like - 100% Guilt Free!

Two Months Of Live Community & Group Mentoring

A Wide Range Of Speaking, Writing, & Other Creating Options

A Fun & Supportive Atmosphere In Order To Experiment, Fall down, Get Up, And Get Good

Post-Summer Access To The Lessons & Creative Prompts

Countless Chances To Get What's Inside Written & Spoken Out Loud

No Rules. No Expectations. No Way To Do It Wrong. No Reason To Hold Back. 


WHERE: All lessons are hosted here at This is also where you’ll be posting your work to share with Robin and Emily.

WHEN: We are live June 5 - July 30, however access to the lessons here will be yours forever (forever being as long as is offering classes, which we expect to be a long, long time).

WHAT: Every other day, you'll get a short mentoring video from Robin, writing prompts that are paired with a professional photograph (we have purchased the use of these for our class, so you are free to use them with attribution in your blog or social sharing), and a range of opportunities to explore and practice speaking your truth - baby dares and big bold ones, too!

WHO: A private community right here. It is guest-hosted by writer/illustrator Emily McDowell, founder of the greeting card & gift brand Emily McDowell & Friends, and Author/Speaker/Mentor Robin Rice.

HOW: You will learn by doing - sharing, commenting, and getting feedback through our community. Robin and Emily will be choosing a few pieces of posted homework each day to provide comments and direct feedback on. The pieces we comment on will be chosen for that perfect "teaching opportunity" so everyone has the best opportunity to improve. Together, we will find ways to take you further… deeper… truer. (NOTE: You can also choose to NOT have comments if you simply want the freedom to express yourself.) 

WHY: Because finding your voice is finding your truth, your path forward, your "why" of life... but most of all it is a way of finding yourself.  


  • You are any kind of artist (writer, speaker, dancer, painter, graphic artist as examples) or a service provider (coaches, small biz owners, whatever - all types are welcome!) who needs to write and speak about your work in a compelling way.
  • You know you have something to say, but maybe you’re not sure what it is (or, if you know, you know it could be improved upon), and you want some help and a safe place to work it out.
  • You want to find more of yourself and what you have to say through your creative work.
  • You are afraid to say what you really have to say (jagged edges and all) and need a group of true fellows to practice with.
  • You have a desire to create, but your creative expression keeps getting pushed to the side in favor of your to-do list. 
  • You are looking for a regular practice that will take you forward in real and meaningful ways.
  • You want to hone your communication and storytelling skills in order to better tell your own story, or the story of your work, on social media or otherwise out in the world.
  • You don’t consider yourself a writer or speaker, but you have stories inside you that long to come out (OR...)
  • You are already a writer, speaker, or another kind of voice in the world, but you want to commit to a practice that will inspire you to share your voice in new ways, keeping you accountable so that you grow.
  • You Know It. Is. Time.

Bring A Friend!


Robin Rice published her first book before she graduated college. Today she is a mentor and thinking partner to some of the most fascinating minds in our world today. With clients from the creative, entrepreneurial and executive worlds, she has helped craft and secure million dollar book deals, vision and launch purposeful podcasts, and think through some of our most intractable cultural and social dilemmas. Through the Be Who You Are Academy, she has coached more than 15,000 students with courses such as Training Your Inner Warrior and The Significant Year. Her viral-by-design social change projects have garnered attention from major media in 30+ countries and her fiction and non-fiction books have been published in three languages. With two grown children, she lives in various places around the world ~ you will find her in Norway and San Francisco during the course of this class. 


Emily McDowell is a writer, illustrator, speaker, teacher, and entrepreneur who is fiercely committed to not doing all of those things at the same time. After a career in advertising as a writer and creative director, she founded Emily McDowell Studio in 2013, making greeting cards for the relationships we really have. The EMS brand is best known for Emily’s original writing, including Empathy Cards, which help people connect during times of major illness and loss – times when we struggle to find the right words. Her work has been featured by The New York Times, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, BBC News, and NPR's All Things Considered, among many others, and in 2015, she was named one of Slate's 10 Designers Who Are Changing the World. Her first book, There Is No Good Card For This: What To Say and Do When Life Gets Scary, Awful, and Unfair To People You Love, was co-authored with Dr. Kelsey Crowe in 2017.