Awaken Your Sleeping Giant

When It's Time...

... your soul knows. The call for real growth comes when our old old ways have run out. We know we must risk, lest something essential in us die.

The Journey Of Awakening...

...was set out for each of us long ago. The signposts are there in the texts of old, and yes, they still apply today. They are clues left to help us.

You Need Only Say Yes... your inner knowing, your truth, your gut. The way ahead has been forged. Leave behind your fate. Step into your destiny. Be you.

A Teacher Who Empowers

Robin has been teaching and mentoring for more than a decade. Her approach is grounded and applicable to our current world, yet always filled with ancient truths and visionary promise.

Authenticity Is The Way

What is life for, but to grow into who we really are? The miracle is not out there, but in here - where we live, breathe, and choose on a moment by moment basis. Joy is possible for anyone who will seek it.

The Path To Awakening

Every spiritual tradition from every corner of the world proclaims the answer. For those travelers who seek not one path, but a way toward synthesizing their own path - these classes are for you.