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THIS is the moment.
NOW is the time.
WE are awakening.


Robin Rice is a mentor and thinking partner to some of the greatest minds in the world today. Now, she can be yours.

The Path Of Embodied Mastery

The path to being who we are—real, present, capable, and on point with our lives—begins with making peace with our many aspects of self, following our life's purpose, and constantly choosing that which will bring us from the old into the new.

It continues with becoming more and more able to take the better of two (or ten) imperfect directions that stand before us every.single.morning—and then moving with whatever arises. Those who can do this will be prepared to help create a powerful new future for us all. Even more, they will enjoy the ride of life as they do it.

This is the journey I've been on for 20 years.
Join me.

Training Your Inner Warrior

This is the course that is taking the world by storm! On the Journey to Awakening, this is where we start. In 31 days...

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Mastering Your Inner Warrior

*Prerequisite: Training Your Inner Warrior—By popular demand, Robin takes you deeper, further, mentoring your...

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This is the moment for each and every soul to be strong, true, and in touch with our own innate power.

This journey was set out for each one of us long ago. The ancient maps are all there, pointing the way. Yet it is only NOW that they are expanding beyond the province of a few masters to become a part of the collective evolution of humanity.

The signposts speak to us through new feelings, odd signals, and magical, meaningful moments that break through our seemingly "ordinary" reality.

To step on the path in ernest, you need only say "YES" to your inner knowing, to your heart-felt truth, to your gut wisdom. The work to be done is as clear as it is profound:

Learn to live and love as your most authentic self.

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- Generous Words -

McCall / Billings

Robin Rice is a visionary, a mastermind. Brilliant thinker. Problem solver. She can go into groups of people and move the entire group forward. She can revolutionize a trend and take it in a much more meaningful direction. A light not of this world, lighting this world, with global reach.

Daniel / Luzern

Robin's Inner Warrior program transformed many areas of my life and how I work. I used to spend a lot of energy thinking about what decisions to make and putting them off, which took even more energy. Now I make them more quickly, meaning more work gets done and my energy is higher.

Manni / London

Robin is a leader and warrior, using her gifts to facilitate healing on a world level. There are no boundaries and no obstacles. When I think of her, I imagine worldwide healing—from people in small, remote villages of India to fast-paced stockbrokers in London. Follow her.

Burt / Gainsville

Robin Rice understands that all that comes to her and dwells within her is Spirit. She easily sees beyond the illusion to the heart of the real. She's committed to helping others realize their own epiphanies. I see her strongest gift as being a way-shower, showing you your way, not hers.


I believe we are each responsible for creating the world we wish to live in and that if you teach, you must also show your work in the world.




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