The Most Beautiful You

“When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing?” These are the diagnostic questions a shaman would ask of those who have become ill or lost their way in life. In our contemporary culture, with impossibly high beauty standards set by a society that “sells” beauty on every street corner, the shaman might also ask...“When did you forget that you ARE beauty?”

If you have been wounded by superficial beauty and believe that true beauty is forever out of your reach, this course is for you. Through this course, you really can overcome your beauty issues. Robin Rice knows that there is beauty in you—stunning, deep, profound, bright, shining, wowza-ya-mama beauty—and she understands what is needed to help you experience it. Each written essay and companion audio meditation will help you become the most beautiful YOU ever. They provide a roadmap to discovering, embodying, and emanating your true physical, emotional, and spiritual gorgeousness. You will expand your horizons to include aspects of beauty that are normally ignored or rejected, and you will learn to savor the richness of beauty you long for. Not only will you transform your own beauty, you will open to being transformed BY beauty. This is the soul-level healing that changes everything.

What Others Say About Robin:

“Robin Rice is a dazzling instructor who has the gift of making the abstract understandable and the patience to make sure you’ve mastered the material before moving ahead. I deeply envy those of you who will be learning from Robin for the first time!" – Burt Kemper, Scriptwriter/Film Producer

“We all need some truth in our world today, and Robin Rice can see through all the “world gone mad” stuff. She has a sense of clarity that is missing—kind of like a compass that is pointed in the right direction. We need to know that what we are sensing is true and we need people brave enough to tell us. Robin offers that.” – T. Hugely

“Robin is a weaver of contemporary and ancient soul knowledge. A woman with a big picture, and a true thinker who is excited about life. She amplifies the stories of the GOOD and important, and she works toward an even greater good and a larger whole. She is a voice in the wilderness.” – T. M.


  • The Problem With Beauty: Why It's Not YOUR Fault
  • How To LOVE Being Both Beautiful AND Imperfect
  • Melting Away The Blocks That Stop You COLD
  • The Beauty Of The Body: More Than A Makeover
  • The Alchemy Of Beauty: Turning Coal Into GOLD
  • The Beauty Of Your Unique Path
  • Beauty Like THAT: The Beauty Of Resonance
  • Awakening To Your Most Beautiful Self

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